Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Iroquois) PrOGRAMS

Programs complement 4th grade New York State History curriculum. Capital Region BOCES Arts & Enrichment approved ID # 223A. Haudenosaunee programs are presented in regalia, traditional clothing now worn only for special occasions and ceremonial purposes. Travel fees may apply. Custom packages are available. Ask about senior discounts!

Iroquois Social Dancing & Traditional Stories   90 Minutes $425 

  • Learn about the Iroquois through traditional songs, social dances, and stories appropriate for all ages. 
  • Dancing plays a large part in the creation story and is used to give thanks, uplift spirits, and welcome visitors. 
  • Dances such as the Alligator Dance, Robin Dance, and Rabbit Dance are fun for the whole family.

Stories From The Longhouse   60 Minutes $325 

  • Become immersed in the rich oral tradition of the Haudenosaunee while listening to stories passed down through the generations. 
  • These stories are still told today as they were from time immemorial instilling values, ethics, and life lessons while explaining the natural world around us.
  • History, culture, and Kenien'ke:ha, the Mohawk language, are interwoven with fascinating tales. 

Learn To Speak Mohawk (Kenien'ke:ha)  60 Minutes $325 

  • Learn basic introductions and simple greetings.
  • introduction to the Ohen:ten Karihwahtekwen, a traditional thanksgiving given to the natural world several times each day by traditional Haudenosaunee people. 
  • A traditional calendar will give insight into the strong connection Haudenosaunee people have with the local environment.


"Stephanie is a delight! She is a magnificent story-teller and engages the group in fun activities during her in-depth presentation. She is reflective and has a deep sense of the Haudenosaunee people's traditions and lives."  -Ann Parillo 

"Stephanie is an amazing storyteller, she comes dressed in traditional Iroquois dress and has you on the edge of your seat wanting more. She makes you feel like you are right there in the story with her. I would highly recommend Stephanie to any organization or group young or old." -Velvet Kyle 

"Stephanie provided a very compelling insight into Native People's culture. Our group of young community service oriented youth were moved by her stories and descriptions of the Haudenosuanee. Her props were great conversation starters and she maintained our youth's interest while conveying authenticity and enthusiasm." -Eric Hamilton 

"Stephanie blew us away with tales from the Haudenosaunee. She took us deep into the mind and heart-set of the People of the Longhouse. What a gift her gentle telling, inviting us to look within at many values we hold. Stephanie is charming, engaging, and her stories will live deep inside you after you leave." -Marni Gillard 

"I've attended many children oriented classes by Foxy Trot, and find that children love and interact well with her. She is not only informative and educational, but creates and fun atmosphere for all to enjoy." -Denise Meyers 

"Stephanie is not only a very gifted storyteller and dancer, but she is an incredibly fun instructor and teacher" -Derek Healey

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